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PREMIERE: ROSS ASHTON ‘Vampire’. Depicts What Happens When In & Out Of Love. Supernaturally, That Is.

ROSS ASHTON releases for our pleasure (and yours) his new single ‘Vampire’. The single is part of a double single release with another fab single ‘Lady Grey’. The Boston singer/songwriter brings the the solid Rock n’ Roll sensibility found in bands as diverse a list as Tom Petty, Elvis, Everclear guitar moves, Lou Reed, Ryan Adams. Sprinkle in some minute honky-tonk note revelations, and BAM! You have Ross’ ‘Vampire.

The coolness drips effortlessly from Ross and his single.

Perfect for the Halloween season, the wry and witty vocals and stampeding rock progressions within ‘Vampire’ sustains our true belief in how we can feel after a ‘feasting’. Our energies are sucked out dry, when relationships are on the wrong path. And we know, because, heck, we’d been on some bad ones as well.

But that’s part of life, ain’t it?

If not for those bumps in the road, we think we wouldn’t have the kind of single Ross has produced for ‘Vampire’. The fun and song is something to take in and put right in your pocket.

ROSS ASHTON is a talented and versatile artist who unassumingly stretches his horizons of musical decadence. From rock to folk (i.e. ‘Lady Grey’) he proposes a compelling listening experience that we all should check out.

Look out for more of Ross.




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