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PREMIERE: SAMMY AND THE COSMOS Share ‘How Lucky I Am’. “Looking To Change. It Starts With Me.”

SAMMY AND THE COSMOS brings us ‘How Lucky I Am’, and it’s the ‘best friend’ that you never knew you had. The single is the friend’s shoulder you never knew you could lean on. It’s that touch of compassion and empathy, when she touches your weary back. It’s that touch of comfort and understanding when he holds your hand during that worst of times. ‘How Lucky I Am” is that ‘best friend’ you’d never knew you had, as we’d mentioned. It’s that perfect 90’s TV commercial that tells you that “you’re not alone”.

We all have hard times. Most of the time, we suffer in silence. The ambiguousness of how we’d grown up, experienced life, and the way we process it all, is more of a ‘on-going’ experiment. There are the public part of our lives, which in some cases, is easier to deal with. However, in some facets of our private lives, it’s a mess. A hot, pride-swallowing mess.

SAMMY AND THE COSMOS’ frames ‘How Lucky I Am’ in the 90’s tinged pop-rock method of communication, and dives straight into that private and burdening thoughts of a relationship. Being vulnerable is what we become, as human being. Especially in seemingly desperate times. And in this single, that desperation – then the ecstasy of realization – for that ultimate love that had been found, is crystalized within the lyrics.

“Looking for someone to talk to not someone to spend the night, my heart had been hurt before when it wasn’t treated right. “This isn’t how I had planned it and it’s not how the story began with you, I don’t think I’ll ever understand how lucky I am.”

Sam Kestenbaum leads this band, and as SAMMY RAY BAND (SRB) transformed into SAMMY AND THE COSMOS, the NYC businessman and entrepreneur continued his evolution of examining emotions and circumstances, from an ever increasingly intimate point of view. And after a 3 year hiatus, Sammy has returned with a different insight into what it means to be ‘Sammy’, and how he best can receive and live life, with the new paint brush that is afforded through the newly branded band.

‘How Lucky I Am’, in our eyes, is a subdued ballad that recalls the difficulties, and then celebrates the hard fought gains – of heart and of emotional sanity.

A touch is all you need.



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