PREMIERE // Scoobert Doobert ‘A Good Life’ : Listen + boppin’ = Scoobert Doobert’s skull diggin’ goodness.

Scoobert Doobert

‘A Good Life’ is a love song during a pandemic where it’s a good life but it ain’t. A song of contradiction and confused vibes. A party in house arrest. The bridge “I’ll keep on grinnin’/Bottle it up” is the most honest part of the song. But it’s still kinda fun singing something semi-happy.

Scoobert Doobert’s ingress manifesto:

“Like the majestic poinsettia, I (Scoobert Doobert) was birthed from the sandy soil of Encinitas, California. It’s a rad little beach town, most famous for its great surf and fringe-religious communities. One of our main beaches, Swami’s, is named after Guru Paramahansa Yogananda . (No, I have no idea how to pronounce this.) There’s also a bunch of crazy public art. One day a mural of a surfing Madonna appeared on the wall of a pizza joint. Another time a lame surfer statue showed up in Cardiff. Us Encinitans quickly made the Cardiff Kook our own…”

“As a youngun, I played guitar in garages throughout Encinitas. Eventually the cops said I needed to stop. There aren’t many practice spaces around here so the gang and I would break into churches after hours to jam with their gear.”

“We gigged around at schools and coffee shops until my bandmates moved away for college. I decided to learn to play drums and bass so I could jam with myself. I pretty much just did that for the last five years. Blazing, surfing, writing, recording, missing my friends, and wrapping burritos (day job). I started digging some of the stuff I was making, but still didn’t have a name for the project.”

“Then my girlfriend said these fateful words, “Did you know Scooby Doo’s real name is Scoobert Doobert?” I didn’t. Now we both do.”

Now the egress:

No matter what you say or do, the man and the cheeky art of Scoobert Doobert is, at the end of the day, charming and talent filled. From progressive understandings, and mustard hot segways, Scoobert Doobert’s sense for music and groove is inherently cool. And we all want to be cool don’t we?

Listen + boppin’ = Scoobert Doobert’s skull diggin’ goodness.


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