PREMIERE: SLEEP MACHINE Shares ‘Happy New Year’. “Take A Soaring Jet Fueled Ride.”

Songwriter Alisha Zalkin, and guitarist/songwriter/producer Dan Kalisher started SLEEP MACHINE in 2014. With success with placements on several network and cable TV shows/commercials, the duo set themselves to get back into what made them passionate about music in the first place.

The rock infused production, taking influence from rock’s greats such as Fleetwood Mac and The Eagles, SLEEP MACHINE, with its anthemic exuberance and attitude for reaching new heights in song and life, takes your senses on a soaring jet fueled ride.

Take a soaring jet fueled ride.

“We were trying to think of what to say next, and what direction we wanted to take moving forward,” says Dan Kalisher, ” and we found the best way to do that was just to stay true to ourselves.

“With the current political climate, and all the chaos happening in the world, we felt it was our responsibility as artists to use this next record as a vehicle to speak up and add value, meaning, and heart to the conversation,” says Alisha Zalkin.

The prodigious and celebrated rock band (Best Rock Album, 16th Annual Independent Music Awards) was inspired for ‘Happy New Year’ by Jesse Kalisher, the cousin of SLEEP MACHINE’s guitarist Dan Kalisher. Jesse was diagnosed with terminal cancer in early 2017, and bid farewell in a letter, which noted his beautiful acceptance of his death. He had noted that death itself was just a process of life, and both are intimately intertwined. And with that, ‘Happy New Year’ signifies what a gracious gift we all have, to have the ability to view and interact on this Earth. We all should celebrate each year, for everything can change for the better.

Alisha and Dan wants us to remember and love one another.

It’s too foolish, not to.

SO, let’s celebrate the goodness in the world, with our heads held high in this challenging of times. As the year ends to open up possibilities in the new year, let’s rock out. SLEEP MACHINE is keen.


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