PREMIERE // Spring Skier ‘Hippocamping’ : Sanctions negativity just enough for us to just sail away, for a little while.

Spring Skier

‘Hippocamping’ is the latest single from Spring Skier. A project propelled by the energies of Remy Boccalatte and Kane Mazlin, it glazes our negative passions and drives them to the corners where we can’t interact with them any longer.

The beautifully sound-scaped single of ‘Hippocamping’ is a freshly cut bush of flowers and greens. Longing in the sentimentality of a past of your own, you glide with your thoughts and memories, inclined to smile and gleefully embrace the warmth that once was.

The Brisbane dreamfolk duo said of the single: “‘Hippocamping’ is a reference to spending time with memories, illustrated through a fictional dinner encounter with a seahorse, and wondering if another invite will ever come.”

Remy and Kane delight in working and moulding vestiges of emotional invitations. A cart full of bespoke resonance, reveal a parting shot of kisses and hug, for the longing hearts asunder.

A prelude to a dream desire, the duo sanctions negativity in ‘Hippocamping’, just enough for us to just sail away for a little while.

Beautiful, indeed.


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