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PREMIERE: Stevie Kin Shares ‘Tough’ Off Of Her Debut EP ‘Petals’.

Lyricist, poet, artist, musician – STEVIE KIN blossoms in front of our very eyes, as she dig deep into the vastness of a singular amnesty. ‘Tough’ is the single off of her upcoming debut EP ‘Petals’ (May 3rd), and from ebb and flow, her swinging and feather-like wisps in words, daintily crash upon the palisades.

Those palisades, so defended, is high and mighty. It lingers in the off distance, with majestic presence and handsome permanence. It was all that is needed and ever will be, for she loved him. He loved her. And in the shadow of the palisades, no one or thing could ever divide their consuming passions.

Stevie’s underlying voluptuousness in her delivery, could be mis-construed. However, between the words, pronouncements, and undeniable empathy, the strength of vulnerability is forged in fire’s romance. Her romance. And within her words, are spotlights of dignity – for her – for us – for you.

“Come out of hiding, you run away…you’re always fighting to getaway.”

Self aware, Stevie’s music fills the room with an understated love for who she is and for how she is. In ‘Tough’, it is, in whole, that exact statement of truisms that come blaring out of the folds of the song. With lo-fi synth hymns, it transforms from one to the other, with no malice summoned, in the effort to contain, but set free.

That thought.





A momentary inkling of emotions, sensing the doom -sensing the penultimate revival. Stevie embraces with arms and bosoms wide open. In love.

In a previous declaration about the upcoming concept project and EP ‘Petals’, she revealed the video ‘Manifesto Pt. 1’ – a stark and poignant vision where she describes a set of principals for what STEVIE KIN ‘is’ and could ‘always be’. As the poetry of her soul billows and wafts through the clinging morning fog, it drapes with the delightful warmth of an artist, expressing her feelings, for all of us to hear and connect.

“I would say I’m your average woman giant. I wake up each morning grateful for the opportunity to be myself. The only thing to see here is what’s inside every woman.”

“The album’s called ‘Petals’. Petals from the flower, from the seed, from the hand. From a woman, from the soul, from the sky, from the light. From sower to seed. A flower uncurling. A woman unveiling. She sits, she lounges, she stands.”

“No leaf left unturned.”

STEVIE KIN is from the first, a person we admire. From afar, it is delightful to connect with such wit. Her salient urge to dive deep into the abyss of her own making, taking that deep and perhaps conceptual ‘last breath’, is compelling and driving.

And her breath, keeps us alive.

Beautiful. Glorious – let’s fall in love with Stevie. Let’s fall in love with her art.



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