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PREMIERE // Strandels ‘Not My Party’ : Another chance at such a lovely melancholy.

Debut album is set for release in Spring of 2020.


Strandels is the sibling duo Tova and Sixten Strandell. And it’s almost that time of the year when the deliciously dynamic artists offer, once again, the stories of love and stories of our hearts. With influences from artists such as John Mayer, Fleetwood Mac and the Cardigans their debut album is set for release in Spring of 2020.

A bequeathing in lust and possibilities, the rendered outcomes of emotions and shadows, delight in the night dance of ambiguities and selective desires. A glance of laser lights, bouncing off of the synapses, the preponderance of giddy afterthoughts and middling smiles, are parted with a simple and wholesome delight in want. ‘Not My Party’ is set in a time – within time.

“NNot My Party’ is about a love affair,” stated the duo. “That you’re falling for someone but you’re trying to get rid of those emotions since that person wants to be with someone else. It’s like a forbidden area to even think about. So the story in the song is about crossing that line because both people are drawn to each other, even though you shouldn’t do anything about it. ”

Fantasies of grandeur persist with each palpable heartbeat, dangling ever so daintily in the mists of this footprint of life. Repeating and thumping of questions of “What if.”

It’s a story that is far more common than we know.

It’s a story that is far more natural than we’d like to claim.

It’s the tragedy of ambitions – unrequited.

Though with a hope for another chance at such a lovely melancholy.

‘Not My Party’ is the follow up to their first single ’Slip’ which was released in Oct 2019. It was written by the duo, along with Johan Lindbrandt (Alex and Sierra, BoTalks) and Scott Effman (Kelly Clarkson, Justin Bieber).



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