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PREMIERE: ‘Stressed And Depressed’ By PAUL BERGMANN AND THE FAIR MOANS. “Rise up and let it envelope you.”

PAUL BERGMANN returns to us with another delicious offering named ‘Stressed And Depressed’. As he does so infectiously, Paul depicts the deepest longings of hearts torn or stagnant, with poetic directness, stricken with the essence of a palpable and choking scent of life itself.

With brooding and harking vocals, Paul entangles strings of confusion and self-doubt, as the times of each and every scene of your forgotten past, lingers with pain and unmistakable resistance.

The artistry, and the majesty is fully summarized in this rockin’ orchestral heaving of impending doom. And it is glorious.

With every bated breath, you strive to seek out the exact notion Paul describes within the song; a notion that he warns you about, but magnetically you’re automatically attracted to. It’s the blackness that drives you to gain full access, as the depths of the hauntingly and the irresistible, gain a foothold on your soul.

In whole.

Then as you are left on the floor, with all of your energy expended, you slur out a moment of thought from your mouth.


“In PAUL BERGMANN we trust” comes to mind, as his artistic excellence surprises us with each endeavor he takes on. The method of construction, the weight of the chords, the ‘purpose’ of his lyrics, drive the narrative of what music can be. There lies no flatness, no half-assed trickery, the moments sealed to perfection with every chapter and verse of each progression.

Introspection is where Paul declares victory, and we’re glad we’re in it for the long haul for his music. The distinct and unique nature of ‘Stressed And Depressed’ clarifies the under-lying need for an escape from the ordinary.

PAUL BERGMANN AND THE FAIR MOANS is a Massachusetts based band, and we can’t recommend the music, often enough.

It’s an experience.

A world-beating experience.

‘Stressed And Depressed’ is off of Paul’s latest and 2nd LP ‘Make Yourself At Home’, which drops February 15th.



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