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PREMIERE // Teenage Waitress x Blue Canary ‘You Ain’t Got It Bad’ : Blippy fuzzy trippy. Warm to the touch. Holds your heart.

Teenage Waitress

Teenage Waitress is the solo project of Daniel Ash. The album, ‘Mucho Gusto!’ is a fresh hybrid of infectious 60’s inspired pop melodies, blippy synths and fuzzy guitars all set to short lyrical vignettes. Some are funny, some are mysterious but all have a story to tell.

“‘You Ain’t Got It Bad ‘ is sung from the perspective of a young man’s mirror image in the throws of a bad day,” said Daniel. “The song, written on an upright piano in a primary school lunch hall during a break in teaching, was Daniel’s attempt at “writing a Prince song, then putting it through a Teenage Waitress filter and seeing what came out the other side.”

The danceable, upbeat track with trippy psych production is in itself a strong positive message, of gumption and a look into that future.

We’d said of Teenage Waitress: “Creatively and for betterment, Daniel seeks to look into what makes us tick. Or at least, what we seem to aspire, in order to make us tick. The double edged, oddity of life is the petrie dish of molecules where Teenage Waitress, observes, accepts, embraces then extrapolates.”

We second that motion.

‘You Ain’t Got It Bad’ also features a vocal cameo from Blue Canary’s, Harry Burgees.


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