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PREMIERE // TEOA ‘Are We Alright?’ : You. That gold nugget, can change it all. If you want.


Beautifully constructed, lovingly crafted, TEOA’s single ‘Are We Alright?’ is the inspiration you’d wanted and needed.

Things are not “set in stone”. It’s the fluidity of it all that makes this world so difficult. It’s the fluidity of it al that makes the impossible, possible.

Said Trevor Leonard: “This song reflects the uncertainty that we all can experience over time in our relationships, our social status and with our work. But it also gives us the positive mindset to change. It’s important to remember, and stay surrounded by supporters that help remind us, that we are going to be fine if we keep moving forward.”

The inner voice of tell-tale goodness and the heft of living, co-mingles in a vat of the banal. But from that so called ‘banality’ of life, there can always be a shimmering nugget of gold, wafting through the gentle precipice of life’s wave.

You. That gold nugget, can change it all. If you want.

“’Are We Alright?’ explores the voices of both the doubter and the cheerleader and ultimately encourages the listener to question while also never giving up the search for what you want and where you need to be.”

TEOA (The End of America) is a songwriting surge, made up of friends. The Philadelphia, NYC and New Hampshire based trio credit their name to Kerouac’s On The Road, traveling “across the groaning continent” in search of inspiration and reaching “the end of America, no more land, and now there was nowhere to go but back.”

Depth and heady interpretations are sought with TEOA.

Let’s listen.


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