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PREMIERE: TERJE TORKELLSEN Shares ‘Sean’. “Simple Colors Paint A Majestic Longing.”

Photo by Emil Kjærnli

We’re proud to PREMIERE, TERJE TORKELLSEN’s new single ‘Sean’. The small Norwegian town born and raised Terje (now based in Oslo) brings 60’s psyche-theme-pop with a unique modern twist.

So, what’s the twist? Terje has a fascination with pop music that is relevant to vintage children’s shows, such as Sesame Street or 64 Zoo Lane. And in ‘Sean’ that far off pastel skies come alive with nostalgic flute, guitar strums, and organs. It takes you away to that time of your youth, even if you hadn’t had the direct experience of having that particular decade’s pop culture.

‘Sean’ has been based on Terje’s written sketches over the past years, which he credits Pelicat’s bass player and producer Jonas Rohde-Moe, of helping to make it come to life for the first time. Also, the song is a tribute to his hero Sean O’Hagan of the High Llamas, Stereolab and Microdisney.

“I’m extremely influenced by Sean O’Hagan’s music,” Terje stated. “This is my attempt at emulating his harmonic colors and instrumentation, while the lyrics convey the feeling of being sonically wrapped inside of the song. A feeling of being there – inside the song, as if the song was a neighborhood you could stroll through. It’s also a kind of salute to how a simple tune can a truly wonderful thing.”

Terje brings a suppleness in ‘Sean’ that melts like the snowflake when touching down to the palm of your hand. It’s a beautiful interpretations of light and emotions that, in a future that may exist, looks back at the gray sky, and appreciates the current and Now, for what it’s worth. The short life of a winter’s snowflake is lived to its maximum potential – and it’s satisfied with that.

We congratulate Terje for the fabulous single in his debut solo endeavor.

Terje is also member of bands: Pamface, Mats Wawa, Plooms, Hockney and Geetar.


Photo by Emil Kjærnli


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