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PREMIERE // The Alpacas ‘Midnight Dance’ : Shines like the northern lights, delighting in the ambience of tales well told.

The Alpacas

The song invites you to imagine a dance of two people. Its language is as elegant as its instrumental arrangement, making it truly immersive. ‘Midnight Dance’ is a vivid exercise in imagination. Lyrics invite you to imagine a dance of two that will unavoidably move you. Explosion is slow motion – acoustic guitar then a gentle voice, after which it expands in to a dynamic ballad with staccato strings, eerie synths and rich melodies.

The Alpacas started as a duo in November 2011, as an exciting collaboration between Romanian singer-songwriter Andrei Ionescu and Mexican guitarist Jorge Sapién, playing in various London venues. In summer of 2015 Adam Leaver (guitar), Koichi Shoji (bass), Jon Scott (drums), Misato Takeda (keys) and later, violinist Juri Uchishiba (2016) joined The Alpacas to form a full band.

With a class of contrasts, the talents within The Alpacas, flicker like lighted candles. Bright and warm, reflective and pliant to the ever suggesting winds of song and vibes. A classically framed ensemble, the indie-composure of this group, shines like the northern lights, delighting in the ambience of tales well told.

Texture in simplicity. Honesty in expression. Durability in honor and loyalty. It’s a sum of all that can be right, being exactly that.

The Alpacas’ own tale, continues.


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