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PREMIERE: The Brilliance Shares ‘Facebook’. “Ambitions for adding to a better and peaceful place.”

Orchestral indie-pop duo, The Brilliance, offers the video for ‘Facebook’.

And in this song, the grit and grime of the world, soaks in through the beautifully laid out instruments of ‘Facebook’, with equal part civility and contempt for lying still. In a harrowing life, the song is inspired by the current world in its technology and knowledge. And within that context of tandem ignorance, our brittle emotions suffocate with, pre-determined servitude and loyalty to the shortness of time and space.

All of this is fabulously demonstrated and dictated through the duo’s production of ‘Facebook’. With acoustic-electric, symphonic-pop songs that invite with vigor and absolute spice, the droning bass, to the attitudes undefined, gallup towards your senses with pride in exploration.

‘Facebook’ is off of their upcoming sophomore album, ‘World Keeps Spinning: An Antidote to Modern Anxiety’ (January 10th, 2020).

The band is comprised of songwriter David Gungor and composer John Arndt, who crafted the new ‘suite’ in collaboration with Biola University Orchestra and Chorus.

The ‘first suite’ (called ‘Dreamer Suite’) dropped in November of 2018. And it was “based around the stories of DACA Dreamers – children of undocumented immigrants who, by a change in legislation, are facing an uncertain future”. For that first offering, the band had partnered with World Relief in their initiative to raise awareness for the DACA dreamers. In conjunction David and John, performed for the MET’s Charity Water Gala, and globally at festivals in New Zealand, Australia, Sweden, Israel and Palestine.

The upcoming album, ‘World Keeps Spinning’ is a concept album that explores the “root causes of modern anxiety and searches for ways to cope in the face of existential dread”. A subject that the duo doesn’t take lightly.

The childhood friends from Wisconsin, make good, by contributing through their musical talents. Ambitions for adding to a better and peaceful place, here on earth, is one of their pillars for living in conscious movements.

See the duo next @ Chop Suey, Seattle on December 12th.

Video for ‘Facebook’ was directed by Jarod Evans (longtime music producer/collaborator) of Blackwatch Studio, in Norman, Oklahoma.



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