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PREMIERE: The Broadest Blue ‘Oh, Love’. “But not anymore. You have left.”

Kurt Juergens is the head-master of his project THE BROADEST BLUE. And in the single ‘Oh, Love’ a description of a decisive battle of the heart broken, marches down the lonesome road and unfathomed scars

Life was true, when together, holding hand and caressing, in abstract and in physical form. Entangling, in an exorbitant wrangle in biological summation, the bodies crashed in ecstasy. Day after day, and night after night, like a warm cozy fire, the hearts continued to construct an impending narrative, for solitude and of a relationship destined for greatness.

But not anymore. You have left.

So, had the truth of it all.

And that world that had been colored with your smile, your lips, your beautiful skin, now fades aways as our independence had been realized.

Oblivion. What a word. What a world, it has now become.

A ballad to the broken dreams in relationships, is catered in a dark and morose ballad in ‘Oh, Love’. A destitute and a last ditch attempt at dignity, the screams shouted to the cruel emanation of love, flowers into black. The coarse vocals of Kurt, dipped in the thoughts of insignificance through the voices of warbles and pops, relegate and ultimate peace to the story.

‘Oh, Love’ extracts the essence of a time and a place, when the world seems to have gone idle, as the pinwheels of your mind, churn, then cascade million pieces of memories of the one person who’d seem to make it true.

Kurt tells stories. Small and large. Dark and beautiful.



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