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PREMIERE: The Flashpot Moments Shares ‘Messy’ Off Of Upcoming Album ‘The Chronicles of Sydney and Nathan.’

THE FLASHPOT MOMENTS is a project of Tim Cawley. He’s a guy, who makes music that is uniquely his own. And he wants it to be yours at the end of each single that he produces. ‘Messy’ is his latest offering, off of the upcoming album ‘The Chronicles of Sydney and Nathan.’ (May 24th), and with a driving vocal chorus, standing in front of a well framed pop enthusiasm, ‘Messy’ calls out what we are or can be in relationships that aren’t ever perfect.

But we all move on, don’t we?

And that’s where the whimsical and paternalistic vibe thrives within THE FLASHPOT MOMENTS, as the project is that feeling of comfort and familiarity. It emits a radiance of the nostalgic in the pool filled with the formidable hard-rock deliciousness that we come to vibe on.

Growing up in New Jersey, Tim was quickly drawn onto the massive influence of Bruce Springsteen. What’s indelibly stamped in Tim’s mind and heart has been to quote, “Being in a crowd of 60,000 people shouting the last chorus of “Born To Run” in unison at Giants Stadium as a young concert goer made an indelible impression on me. Always loved the bombast and emotion. I also love the push and pull between Bruce’s joyous anthems and his desperate and depressing dirges..”

“In my early 20’s,” added Tim, “I moved to Minneapolis, alone, in the dead of winter, not knowing anyone, and thought: Okay, I’m gone have a lot of solitude ‘til I get my social life up and running. I’ve always wanted to learn to play guitar. So I did. In fact, I made an art project out of it, called “The Days” and I’d book bar gigs playing simple cover songs – basically learning to play guitar in public..”

So his journey to making music of his own – singing and writing songs commenced.

THE FLASHPOT MOMENTS’ first album was released in 2017, with much reception and accoladed, including college radio and charts. The album was “a “greatest hits” record, culled from about 60 songs I’d written and performed with different collaborators over about ten years.”

Now here we are in 2019, and Tim continues to make his music, just like he’d done through the years. With both eyes seeking hooks, while doing his best (just like all of us) to live the life that we have gained.

Tim’s diary of events and personal experiences are touched in his songs, and that’s where his interesting plot comes to play.

‘Messy’ was produced by Andy Pinkham, mixed by John Agnello, mastered by Greg Calbi.

The video featured actors Emily Nice and Spencer Grant, with cinematography Kyle Jones, edited by Aaron Hwang, and directed by Tim.



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