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PREMIERE: The Laytcomers Share ‘Pest Control’. “Are you going mad? Are you at your wits end? Is your life being infested??”

Are you going mad? Are you at your wits end? Is your life being infested??

Don’t worry your little head. Now you have THE LAYTCOMERS! The U.S. patent pending, naturally aspirated, non-corrosive aerosol, comes at you with disinfecting properties that will get rid of the pests from your bed.

THE LAYTCOMERS’ latest formula, ‘Pest Control’ will sanitize, deodorize, while killing the most minute and nasty bed-bugs in your life, forever. There’s no need to call in services that cost thousands of dollars. You can have it all, with just several of these fabulous sprays of THE LAYTCOMERS.

It’s biodegradable. Safe for your pets. Non corrosive. And best of all you will have the knowledge that you’re making your living space safe and clear of those nasty bed bugs – forever!

For only a nominal price, per canister, you can have Ilya Shkipin, Cye Husain, John Lee, and Sam Hardy’s formula for pest killer success – easily at your fingertips and convenience.

And if you order now, you will get their patent pending vibe of New Zealand lo-fi indie-pop, New York No Wave, and Australian wild post-punk. Normally a value of momentous fun, it will be added to your order, for free!

Our team is standing by and waiting to help you clear out the pests in your life forever.

Call now at 1-800-THE-LAYTCOMERS! Don’t let this limited offer pass you by!

THE LAYTCOMERS’ upcoming album is in the works and we all can look for it soon. Whether punk, rock, pop, the practical and the majestic mix in certain chaotic degrees in the band. And that’s alright, because it is the power and the charm of the band. Without it, there’s nothing special.

Fortunately we do have that uniqueness coming out of THE LAYTCOMERS, and for that the musical world is a bit better for it.

From here, the band’s explorations into “loneliness, awkwardness, procrastination and boring suburban life” can sprout into many, many different manifestations. Unpredictable and fun, we all should look forward to what’s next for this quirky Californian band.

Oh, and just in case, ‘Pest Control’ is literally “a post-punk song about dealing with bed bugs.”





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