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PREMIERE // The Pxrtals ‘Damn Me Girl’ : It’s a rebellion song. It’s the “spiritual awakening”.

The Pxrtals / Photo: Brandon White

Lévi from Saskatoon, Canada, heads the project, The Pxrtals (pronounced ‘portals’). It’s odd. It’s invigorating. It’s what you see in the cross of the ‘X’ in the name.

It’s a project that feels un-natural. But at the same time, very much natural, and of the world.

‘Damn Me Girl!’, said Lévi is “one of the most carnal” song with a narrative that is embedded in a sophomore album ‘One Night’.

Gain, anxiousness, drive, sex, sexual deviations, coaxing of the harnessed rock n’ roll you’d never thought possible. “From the Stooges-inspired raw power of the trio-focused bass guitar/wah-wah/drum arrangement (captured in two takes), to the song’s, unbounded orgasmic finale (where the high E string snapped midway on the selected solo take)..”

Lévi also let’s his audience know that ‘Damn You Girl’ is “the untaming of a shy, restrained, church boy’s upbringing into an incendiary, no-fucks-given go-getter, addressing the newfound, revelatory freedoms one experiences in life… whether moving away from childhood home, starting college, taking the trip beyond with magic tea, plunging into unknowable sexual awakenings…”

Dive bombing ripples of guitar crossings, enveloped by the interminable sanctity of the drums, Lévi’s cogent and utterly contrasting vocals, blare out the names of the forsaken. Out of that gray, Lévi is relieved of the every-day, and dances into a trance.

It’s a rebellion song. It’s the “spiritual awakening”.


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