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PREMIERE: THE REMAINING PART Shares ‘In The Beginning’. Debut EP Drops February 1st.

Process isn’t all there is. The steps into making, crafting, constructing – all do come into a consumption of importance. Art is what it is: a delicate form of communication, which can bloom into powerful manifestations of heartfelt expressions and inviting statements of truths.

THE REMAINING PART’s newest single ‘In The Beginning’ serves as a reminder of that shining aura, in that far off distance. The charming resonance of notes, depicting stories of solitary, yet irresistible and radical alignment for a new and vagrant influence.

The band is a trio of musicians (Maxi, Line, & Shary) who’d developed their own unique styles and opinions about their place and focus, within their field. “It should actually be only about the music that means the most to us,” Maxi stated. “We found our own style, we harmonize together in a very special way and the ending result of it is great music.”

“I love lyrics, specially when they give room for everyone’s personal interpretation. As a writer, if you don’t specify and give away too much, you allow the listener to find their own meaning in the lyrics,” Line added.

Shary added: “Each and everyone of us made their own way through the music business. So musically we have different roots but we understand each other perfectly. This personal relationship is extremely important for our writing process.”

Bound by no limits, ‘In The Beginning’ pulses in gentle existence, as the bass thrives off of the linear textures. The blurring of lines is wiped away by the hands of time, caressing its closely held cards for empathy, while the strong and focused vocals, demand much and reassures.

The dream-pop aesthetics, drive a clear and emphatic direction, within the crystal reflections from THE REMAINING PART. The underlying emotional prospects promise a new worlds. The bubbling understated positivity in melancholic inclinations, shower you in sheets of glimmer.

Their debut EP is available February 1st.



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