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PREMIERE // The Revelator ‘Maybe San Francisco’ : The heeds of a shimmer, contrasts and blooming charms, bails us out in desperate times.

The Revelator

“‘Maybe San Francisco’ is the story of a couple that longs to be better than their latest mistakes,” said The Revelator. “Combining verb drenched synths and haunting harmonies with the natural texture of acoustic guitars, the song’s sonic landscape aches for a love that once came so easy as the singers pledge to each other “I will make you so much happier this time”.”

The Revelator is a band. It’s a band that can swell up to 10 members. The songs are linked both by their use of drum machines, and a thread of longing for connection that permeates each track, and is emphasized by the contrast of drum machine and acoustic guitar.

Fronted by male-female duo of vocalists Skidrow and Rosie Ruthless is a fabulous wisp of sentiments and memories, delightfully represented in Dylan-esque examinations, drenched in effervescence of passions and love.

Rosie’s breathy croon balancing Skidrow’s rock & roll growl. This vocal symbiosis floats over an orchestra of indie folk-rock often including banjo, singing saw, auto-harp, clarinet, and whatever other instruments they can get their hands on.

A glaze of profound travels through this life is found in this single. The heeds of a shimmer, contrasts and blooming charms, bails us out in desperate times.

‘Maybe San Francisco’ brings that evident glance at another angle of this existence.

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