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PREMIERE: The Shakes Share ‘I Just Want To Feel Something’. “Wonton visions. Radical emotions. Critical affection.”

Orange County based, the collective named, THE SHAKES, comes at us with their new single ‘I Just Want To Feel Something’. Led by Sean Perry, the collection of talents, is born out of the notion of day-to-day excuses, for living and smiling and maybe, loving a little bit more.

Life brings a list of bumps along the way, and in that visage, we clamor for something more. Something more to be inclined, for affection and opportunities to give love.

After all, isn’t ‘giving love’, an essential part of ‘being loved’? Are they mutually exclusive?

“I just wanna see your smile.”

THE SHAKES will be releasing a 3 track EP named ‘From The Bedroom’. Relationships, girlfriends, ex’s, breakups, and everything in between – the unsightly gray realms haunt your every step as you try to escape the malaise of such a torture.

Of not having that person near you any longer.

Of not having that routine of love.

Vulnerability and honesty, are belted into understated visions in ‘I Just Want To Feel Something’. The decadent tragedy of a heart, breaking into pieces before your eyes, is a pre-destination to a better place. It is a lesson in righteous ownership – in acceptance, and in self-pity.

Sean stated: “When I finished this song, I knew it was something special. With all the twists and turns, the overall feeling of the song felt like a wave of anxiety. I wanted to portray that with the cringy-ness of the lyrics. I brought it to Syd and we sat down to mix it. It didn’t feel right for months, so after dozens of mixes, I envisioned a subtle outro on the keys that blended in with the vulnerability of the “From the Bedroom” mindset. So Syd started playing the verse over and over and over again on the piano, I’ve never heard of anything more beautiful in my life. Levi layed down some drums to double the electronic drums in the demo, making the beat slap even harder.”

Purpose and mystery surrounds our everyday inquisitive minds.

We get lost in the weeds. often for a long time, with a thought that life will always be this way.

“I Just Want To Feel Something” is for the kid sitting in his/her room searching for a purpose in his/her life,” Sean added. “I remember being in high school falling asleep to my favorite bands/artists laying awake at night, always questioning where/who i’ll be in 10 years from now. Never feeling comfortable in my own body, always wanting to be somebody else.”

THE SHAKES consists of Sean, Cameron Pearson, Syd Tagle, Tanner Henderson, and Levi Matulis.



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