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PREMIERE // Tom Peregrine ‘To The Boy That I Was Yesterday’ : Hymn into a wealth of picturesque tapestry.

Tom Peregrine

Trickle of rumbling ambience. A veritable inevitability. Of sight and sound for a heart bound to the earth. An earthly tenderness, evocative and forever risen.

The young Tom Peregrine, brings country-folk heart and ambitions to his songs. And ‘To The Boy That I Was Yesterday’ is an utterly beautiful and honest visage instilled in the best traditions of a wild heart, tamped down by responsibilities in patience.

Said Tom: “The song is about newfound insight into one’s character and describes the momentary thoughts of what is and and what could be. It’s about becoming a wiser, gentler and more thoughtful person.”

Mellow effervescence and concerted efforts in becoming the empathy that is needed; a soul of this terrestrial journey, salute the past as he marks new territories to conquer, into the future. Tom’s single is a celebration of his lyrically centered heart, which crafts each word of hymn into a wealth of picturesque tapestry in total contemplation.

Working together with a collective of friends and fellow musicians, Tom explores feelings of youth and self-growth, entwined with his own observations of mother nature.

Beautiful indeed.

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weird times right now. been properly quarantined for a week and then went home to isolate properly. to be quite honest, I don’t really notice a difference as I’m comfortable being by myself for a long time ramping up productivity. Maybe you saw one or the other project in the stories but I’ve been building a lot and recorded and wrote quite a bit of music. I would’ve played at least two shows in the past days and big concerts I would’ve gone to were cancelled which all makes me really sad. I miss all your faces and hope to see them again soon. I am therefore even more proud to say that a few musical powerhouses finished up the 2nd SINGLE! It’s on its way to all your favorite platforms out there and I’ll confirm the date once I get confirmation. Until then I’ll release a few IGTV videos and keep you posted on the projects aside. Please go out there and enjoy nature in safe distance, call your dearest ones and do the one thing you never had time to do x 📷 @paulineschiller

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Finally catching up as things start moving: first of all GIGS! 23rd FEB – Jena (Living Room Concert) 24th FEB – Chemnitz INSPIRE 25th FEB – Leipzig Horns Erben 10th MAR – Nuremberg Cafe Mainheim supporting @lucaslaufen Next up, my first single 'Hear Your Heart' is going to be released on 14th FEB. We're working on it in many ways right to now make sure the release is prepared for. ⠀⠀ As I am in the midst of exams and preparing for those also I will just post content from the last time I actually had time to create some – Denmark! I enjoyed this trip with @paulabrts in September tons. It was just before we went into the studio to record the EP which is set to be released later this year. I'm excited for this new chapter and want to thank all of you involved thus far xx

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