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PREMIERE: TOMPAUL Shares ‘Easy’. “New vibe, and graciousness that needs to be noticed.”

Trouble, trouble, drone and Caruthers, the light of the life of the world, sparkles with the glint of a singular heart.

Intimidation subsequently, bluntly put into a corner of silence, TOMPAUL’s latest single, ‘Easy’ is a rhythm of opportunities that catch and electrify, without the drowning suppositions that hold on to yours. In the face of unsubstantiated notions of leadership and clear message to the mind – the heart – the happening of soul.

Burgeoning out of Switzerland, the band that is, TOMPAUL, delivers with a heaviness of wealth from the thoughtful actions of the guitar, driven in the peerless Universe, irrespective of employed records.

‘Easy’ is included in their latest EP ‘Wallawer’, the catchy and melancholic charm, delivers with pop production and the distinct uniqueness of Tom Fischer.

Sentimental, and beautiful in its basis of existence, ‘Easy’ certifies into a realm of a classic past, pinched with the future elaboration, collectively approved in a light of what’s expected.

What. Is. Expected.

Banded together with the talents of Tom Fischer, Robin Meier, and Florian Brändli, there is a new vibe, and graciousness that needs to be noticed.



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