PREMIERE // Tony Manfredonia ‘Rose Water’ : He composes vibrance in darkness, the gray from the shimmering spectacle of life.

Tony Manfredonia

From afar. From close to the touch. No matter what amount of distance, “I will be there”. The hurt and the scars – from the “center of the Universe”. A life of slivers, in smiles and warmth, not enough – “I will be there. We’ll get through this.”

An anthem for the one he loves, composer Tony Manfredonia brings an intimate method to remind his wife (and of himself) that it won’t end without a fight.

Said Tony: “‘Rose Water’ (title track) centers on when my wife was dealing with hypothyroidism, Lyme disease, and a near-fatal amount of parasites. Often bed-ridden, taking medication and supplements nearly every hour, life became a chore for her. She “looked fine” to others, but felt dreadful. This song is from my perspective, as her spouse, depicting how painful it was to watch her, while simultaneously trying to remain hopeful for her. I knew she was going to suffer. I knew treatment was going to be awful (especially for parasites). But I had to just hang on and be there for her as best as I could.”

Time after time, Tony’s tone of hardship and wishes for his wife, never turns to regrets nor self-pity. This is the life that was chosen with the one he loves. This is the circumstances, un-justified, that had befallen his beloved, after all.

Chronicling the first 4 years of their marriage, the album sets to music the “depression, to chronic illness” and of the loss of her father by suicide.

Tony is a composer and orchestrator for concert halls and video games, providing you with a multi-layered and sensory experience through massive orchestral productions, as well as intimate atmospheres. With nearly a decade of composing classical music for the concert hall and video game soundtracks, his premiere as a vocalist, pianist, and songwriter blends his symphonic expertise with that of his love for alternative rock.

He composes vibrance in darkness, the gray from the shimmering spectacle of life.

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🌹ROSE WATER🌹 🔊SWIPE RIGHT and SOUND UP🔊 Here’s a short preview of Rose Water, which is the title track and the driving force behind my whole album. Musically inspired by early @coldplay (with a touch of @lanadelrey). About 3 years ago, my wife @tootsie_grams was diagnosed with hypothyroidism. But she and I both know she dealt with it for many years prior. Doctors just told her she was anxious or depressed. It wasn’t until we went to the @centerforholisticmedicine in West Bloomfield where they discovered her thyroid levels were freakishly high, then dangerously low, then high again. It was up and down. Two years ago, she discovered she had a (quote) “heavy load” of parasites, as well as a touch of Lyme disease. The parasites are still hanging on, which has been frustrating us both. Her life, and our life together, has been an up and down roller coaster of constantly adjusting supplements, medicine, appointments, tearful talks, breakdowns, financial arguments, long hugs, hopeful messages, and everything you can think of. She’s suffered more than I can fathom, and it’s been hard. For her, and for me to watch it all unfold. 😔 I’m grateful about how healthy she is now versus then. Her doctor has brought her so, SO far. She’s come a long way, but there’s still a little bit left of her healthy journey to go. All I can do is pray for her and be there for her as best as I can. That’s what marriage is about. Rose Water releases on 11.6.20. Head to the link in my bio to preorder / pre-save the album 🌹 . . . . . . #newmusic #newalbum #singersongwriter #depression #mentalillness #mentalhealth #songsaboutdepression #spoonie #depressionawareness #hyperthyroidism #gameaudio #gamedev #indiedev #gamemusic #vgm #videogamemusic #symphonicrock #experimentalrock #experimentalmusic #vocalist #vocalmusic #pianomusic #pianorock #indiegamedev #indiecomposer #filmcomposer #spoonielife #spooniesupport #chronicillness #hypothyroidism

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