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PREMIERE: Treasure Jansen Shares ‘Idle Thoughts’. “Goodness hidden within the cracks of ‘living’.”

Austin Jansen is the heart and mind behind the project TREASURE JANSEN. The chill and continental sounds of his new single ‘Idle Thoughts’ imbue a nostalgic mix of sounds from a past and a near future, profound.

The shimmer exudes with the cast of colors and textures provided by TREASURE JANSEN’s arrangements and highlighted guitar mix. The vibe of traveling through this Universe is as poignant and decadent as Austin’s vocals.

With nuance and a vision of celebration, the synth induced indie folk-rock single, amplifies emotions as it gently wafts into membranes of thought and extravagance, unknown.

Mixed by Yuuki Matthews of the SHINS, ‘Idle Thoughts’ derides the current malaise and tries us to push for a bit more for our seemingly banal life. But is life that banal? Is it that gray? Is it that much of a dead end?

No. Not at all.

Banality is the life-blood of our lives. It is the dark-matter that fills our void, and are, in most cases, what we will remember when we pass.

TREASURE JANSEN celebrates life with the goodness hidden within the cracks of ‘living’. ‘Idle Thoughts’ is that description of the goodness between two lovers, two souls, two hearts, in a big and wonderful world of mysteries, inter-mixing and inter-twined.



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