PREMIERE: Uliya Shares ‘More Than One Way’. “With cascading vocals and world-beating vibrance.”

With cascading vocals and world-beating vibrance, Uliya, shares single ‘More Than One Way’.

“It is a song born out of a desperate need for self-consolation, and reminds listeners that if you find yourself being forced to live up to standards or values that do not feel right, there is ALWAYS more than just that one way.”

A fluid song of love and optimism, “there will always be a way” is the mantra of note from the heart of this majestically expansive pop composition.

The lush infatuations are calmed down with the reluctance of full on affection for the Universe that surrounds us all. Individually petulant, but never having the chance to look at the cosmos in another angel, we get to witness from the depths of our souls, that exact, shimmering lessons, in awe.

Drawing on a myriad of influences, Uliya generates cathartic and metamorphic soundscapes that are altogether intimate, atmospheric and movement-inducing. Uliya believes that true artistic innovation will only take place if artists unconditionally support one another.

More than song. More than man. More than an offering to the gods that are included in our selves.

Uliya urges our expanse, over those mountains, conquering our short-coming, loving the challenges that lie ahead.

The horizons promised, will be the fortunes of the ‘morrow.


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