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PREMIERE: Valeree Shares ‘Masochist’. “A declaration for her dear heart. Freedom from her shackles.”

VALEREE uses songwriting as a form of therapeutic self-reflection and an outlet for her struggles with substance abuse, heartache, and trauma.

Large and in charge, the heart of being is where VALEREE exudes with confidence. The gentile venture of ‘Masochist’ is a fabulously sound independence of angst and looking at the past. The past is comfort, after all – no matter how traumatic or drenched in happiness. The future is a slippery slope for the travel from here to there. Tripping up is the struggle of the heart, in majority. Will the flesh collapse in the wake of hard times, as the past creeps closer in the rearview mirror?

Let’s hope not.

Los Angeles talent and soul-pop artist, Megan Mortensen, delivers a heart-warming and textured shout of nervous fortitude, in this single. The single is a painting for life’s long passion for what a lost soul, which craves to embrace. It is a song that continues as Megan’s method in keeping the past from catching up. The VALEREE project is the ship in which she arms herself with machine guns of love and love for herself – shielding from that ‘comfort’ that the past can give, while driving light-speed towards the new horizon.

It’s a milestone, to another milestone.

It’s a sign of the times, for her new signal for independence.

It is the declaration for her lion heart, which she knows, deserves the best it can muster.

At 16, Megan faced her biggest hurdle of her life to that point. Substance abuse was the demon that weighed her down with no empathy. Going through rehabilitation facilities, until early adulthood, she found songwriting and performing along the way. She knew then that she’d found her way to her own freedom.

Freedom from the bitterness.

Freedom from the resentments.

Freedom from the shackles of guilt.

Freedom of doing her best to jet past, from her own past.

To start. Anew.

We wish for her to recover, do the work that she sees proud, and makes her happy, for the foreseeable future.

But we think she’s already have that under control.



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