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PREMIERE: Venus Demilo Shares ‘All I Want’. “Love can conquer all…”

VENUS DEMILO is a Liverpool based band and premieres their latest single/video for ‘All I Want’. Through it, the band offers an emphatic statement on the human heart and state of acceptance for the kind of progress today’s society has made.

“Love can conquer all…” – everyone has heard of that phrase. And there is a reason why that has become a Universal thread among our human species.

From our beginnings as cousins of primates, till our current manifestation of being a human, we’d always been a victim or beneficiary of the chemical triggers that dictate our deepest longing for affection. Scientifically, it is just a chemical balancing for getting associated with actions that help in strengthening mental and physical ambitions. Those ambitions will either lead to pleasure of knowing that there is a partner to work through this, sometimes, unfair life; or, these sets of ambitions will lead to procreation and striving for the fulfillment of having a family.

But it must start with a spark, no?

VENUS DEMILO’s ‘All I Want’ is a charming indie-pop offering that is to say: “Yes. We’re here and cheering the beautiful love that exists between human, all over this world.”

And to that, we think that’s a very cool thing.

‘All I Want’ is the band’s first released single in 2 years.

This will be the band’s first release in two years following a period of producing and collaborating with the next generation of great British artists including SPINN, Slang & Gazelle.

The band said of the video: “See if you can work out which of our fourteen participants make up our seven couples. Relationships come in all sorts of different shapes and sizes and they don’t always come along at the most convenient times in our lives. ‘All I Want’, inspired by Martin Parr’s ‘Love Cube’, explores that idea while asking the audience to see if they can work out ‘who goes with who.”



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