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PREMIERE: VIKTOR MAGICK Scans The Resolute Iridescence With ‘Deep Blue Candy Forever’.

VIKTOR MAGICK’s single premiere of ‘Deep Blue Candy Forever’ is a mile marker for your tired psyche. It tallies up the sticky notes you’d collected in your mind – throughout all those years of toil – and they are arranged in the vastness of the space of the intolerable, the incorrigible, the down-right iridescent.

‘Deep Blue Candy Forever’ canvases the overrated notions of being an adult. Trapped within a world of ‘absolutes’ at times, the degradation of the mind, starts to wander. VM sees from a 1000 feet above, what it would be like, without this heavy burden.


The blue light of grandness springs up from ‘Deep Blue Candy Forever’. The raw strumming of the guitar, constant as the gentle ebbing of the waves, reflecting shimmers of sunlight to the primordial eyes of your longing.

And in that moment, you pause, and within you dream of a better place of resolution, and calm.

“Will I ever get there?” You then turn your head towards the brilliant sun-filled sky, and just absorb the comfort of the rays. Enjoying the serenity of the moment – your moment – in the sun.

“This must be how it feels.”

VIKTOR MAGICK’s sound brings experimental-art-pop, dream-pop, fun, and surreal psychedelia to the fore, and you become captivated by the unhindered messages, acquiescence of life’s procurements, and collages of memories undone. With the best traditions of bands/artist like Talking Heads, David Bowie, and Kate Bush, speckled in the frame of some David Lynch film influencing the artist, he’s on another plain of music composition.

A true trip of the mind, feelings, and once untouched emotions of your life.

Get to know VIKTOR MAGICK.



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