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PREMIERE: Vinci X Shares ‘Spirit Splice’. “Yep. That’s why.”

Indie. Rock. R&B. Alternative. VINCI X is a spicy interpretation you make when you’re in that pickle of a situation in your day-to-day life. An opportunity to be different, comes up in that situation, and you take it with both arms bear hugging it to death. You know that can’t define you. You know that you’re more than what you are deemed by others. You know you’re worth it.

Heck yes you’re worth it. Your girlfriend tells you so.

And her cheerleading, really does help.

Anywho, as you sip on the morning coffee, you look out at the world through the kitchen window and you just take in a sliver of calm. The quietness of the early morning gives you peace.

Well, until VINCI X steps in with ‘Spirit Splice’ and takes you right back to the daily grind.

But is that grind, so bad? Not too bad, if you think about it.

Because you know why? As VINCI X’s chorus in this single tells it:

“Gotta Spirit like you wouldn’t believe. Mama told me that I’m ah different breed. Got problems on my mind I can’t sleep. So I’m shaking shaking till I can’t breathe”

Yep. That’s why.

So, let’s clasp our hands with the uniqueness we all can relate to. VINCI X has surely done so. So, we all should as well.

Let’s breathe in that new knowledge, as we sip in the morning calm by the kitchen window of life.

This song is 100% original & created, produced, written, mastered by VINCI X.



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