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PREMIERE: Waldo Witt Shares ‘Crystal Ball’ Single’s MV Debut. “It brings happiness.”

Wonderful artist WALDO WITT is the solo project of John Waldo Wittenmyer. The docile and venerable indie-pop vibes spring into action with his song ‘Crystal Ball’, and with the accompanying music video, it further shines a light on what makes WALDO WITT, tick. The sumptuously extravagant 80’s coming-of-age sheen delightfully exudes all of the points of light in ‘Crystal Ball’.

John moved in from the membrane of the typical and exhausting life of a recording artist: Rehearse, write, record, release, tour forever, come home, get your day job back, repeat. A predictable, unpredictability that excited, satisfied, and exhausted throughout his past years as part of Austin psych-rock / 80s retro 4-piece Toma.

So, he decided to change things up.

Starting fresh with new ideas and new bundles of excitement made sense to John. A move to Chapel Hill, started this journey of reinvigoration, angst, and exploration into the somewhat unknown. After all of the fight, internally and with external forces, it all feels so very worth it.

‘Crystal Ball’ is the ‘reward’ as John put it. It’s a song with blissful entry and popping hooks and an effervescently melancholic affirmation of a song, it thrusts with absolute frame of developing fun, in the light of much contemplation and sadness – quashed with textures sunshine with the bittersweet.

It’s the fight song for the heart, as John, himself, dug his way out of his emotional secrets.

“I wrote Crystal Ball towards the tail end of a long period on the road last summer when I was staying with a friend in San Francisco,” said about the genesis of ‘Crystal Ball’,” elaborated John.

“I was in a weird place mentally, where I was kind of questioning a lot about my life and my purpose and trying to figure it all out. Initially it was sort of directed towards the political bigotry and overall cultural climate that we are experiencing right now. But since the making of the video, I’ve started to look at it more optimistically. Maybe it’s not the slightly negative “you think you have it figured out but you don’t”, but more of an affirmation that, well, maybe it’s not for us to question if others have it figured out or not, but rather to find our own way to figure out our own place and to make the best out of ourselves and our own situation.”

Shangri-la is where ‘Crystal Ball’ seeks. But with every journey that begins and ends, in the middle-gray – somehow – you find your cause and confidence that you’d never though it was possible. The impossibility becomes a reality.

WALDO WITT is that lesson in, always keeping a healthy heap of questions for the forward horizons ahead. But just like WALDO WITT, you must take the steps to get you to that satisfaction.

Just like the life track you’d abandoned, then found once again.

Just like the white-suit where success, accomplishment, happiness, all comes to what YOU have deemed it to be.

Now, let’s all seek it as WALDO WITT has afforded John.

Cheers to the future. Indeed.

See WALDO WITT next at Local 506, October 2nd, Chapel Hill, North Carolina.



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