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PREMIERE: Zachari Smith Shares ‘All In Smoke’ Off Of Upcoming New Album ‘Everything That Keeps You’ (Jan. 25)

‘All In Smoke’ is off of ZACHARI SMITH’s upcoming new album ‘Everything That Keeps You’. It is due to drop on January 25th, as the Montreal Canada based singer/songwriter and producer manages to touch our hearts with the single’s grace and wispy embrace.

The professional musician has been on the road, with countless performances across Canada and Europe. And during this time he’d founded Acre Alley Label and Management Company. Not a small endeavor indeed, as any entrepreneur would agree.

His life is immersed in music, as he’d toured with ‘Andrew and Zachari Smith’. Drums, guitar, keyboard, vocalist, you name it he’d played it for bands like The Mighty River, The Geese, Joshua Hyslop and Ce Qui Nous Traverse.

Now we come around to 2019, and with it, an added surge of solo inspiration is to be amplified through his new upcoming album.

‘All In Smoke’ is the perfect entrance to Zachari’s philosophy in his music – it’s construction, it’s process, it’s emotional attachment. The single evokes, as we’d mentioned, a solum but strong attitude with the hint of 70’s blues-rock to keep all things honest and delectable to the core. The acoustic strumming is produced to a fabulous peak, as with each swipe of the pick, the world around your senses change from colored autumn, to a brighter and a more positive outlook.

Zachari is folk through and through, with the consistency of story telling that is needed for our daily consumption. The 2015 ‘Top 5 Emerging Artists Of The Okanagan’ (MUSIC BC) has it going on with his latest, it’s clear that his best offerings are yet to come.

See Zachari play on March 8th at The Hollywood STAR ROOM (New Brunswick, Canada).



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