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PREMIERE // ZARETTI ‘better days’ : And when it comes, you’ll be ready with open arms and an open heart.


Into the grey. Into the unknown. A feeling of muddled clarity, living in a world of extremities – a valiant occurrence of personal damnations and unfair judgements. There will be a better day. And when it comes, you’ll be ready with open arms and an open heart.

ZARETTI’s single ‘better days’, is a collection of thoughts and vibes, beautifully laid out for all to see and relate. A project of 23-year old Metro Detroit based Adam Zaretti, the engineer with the heart for music, tries always to suspend the day-to-day and immerse himself into that world of suppositions and love.

The pull for music is too strong. The push for expression is unbearable.

ZARETTI is where Adam wants to be. ZARETTI is where Adam soars. He’s got so much to tell and express.

But life is hard. It puts up more barriers than not. Will ZARETTI come through even deeper, stronger, and even more emboldened?

Flowers of personal art needs the air, the sunlight, and the space to roam.



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