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Pretty Sister – Poolside Vibe (feat. MarcLo)

Los Angeles based PRETTY SISTER joins forces with MarcLo. And in the scheme of all things, it’s a dang good thing. From remarkably shimmering bop and groovin’ nu-disco poppin’, ‘Poolside Vibe’ keeps it where it should be – in your heart and your dancing legs. Summer beats collide effortlessly with, angular rationales in production and glorious effervescence. You just can’t go wrong. ‘Poolside Vibe’ is a build towards their untitled upcoming EP. Should be a pop, R&B, and classic funk, vibe for all to enjoy.

CHAILD – Forever

Fantasy and reality, co-mingle, but one or the other makes your heart tingle with excitement – at different times – with different circumstances. CHAILD is ADRIAN, and the artist from Luxembourg makes those two divides of our lives, come together in harmony with his lyrics. Charm and shimmer is a building block of ‘Forever’. And when it describes the surrender to the greater gift of the one who exists next to you – you become free, in your own way. So, let’s set ourselves free. Let’s love.


Brooklyn, New York based EVAN NACHIMSON explores. Through his delivering vocals and philosophical insinuations, the story teller of classic attentions, mark notes of self adoration and consumption. The world is hard. The world is a challenge. ‘Waffles’ explore the concept of ‘gratitude’ within a musical frame work of the best traditions of Billy Joel, and the like. Mixed in are modern elements, delicately proposed, and fabulously colorful. Evan wants us all to find ‘joy’. Whatever that may be. Where ever that may exist. Evan stated: “[‘Waffles’ is] the 1st of 5 songs to be released until 2020 where a fully scored audio series is released.. A movie without visuals. A new art medium.”

Gregory Dillon – Where We’re Going

“Where we’re going was written at the early stages of my last/most recent relationship,” said GREGORY DILLON. “It’s hard to forget the first date waiting for him at the end of the 72nd st platform. I was irrationally sweaty and nervous but I remember his smile behind the doors of the train as it came to a stop. as he stepped off the train I was kind of lost in an innocent sweaty bliss.” We have memories of such circumstances. Such ‘bliss’ might only happen once for all of us. So, when it happens we should dig deep and caress it to the fullest. We think that’s what the NYC/London artist, would want us to vibe. So we shall.

Professor Green – Matters of the Heart

Rapper PROFESSOR GREEN comes back with another alt-rap pop offering in ‘Matters Of The Heart’. Dipped deep in r&b/soul vibes, exultingly thrust with EDM/drum&bass motives, this single continues the works of the Professor. ‘Matters Of The Heart’ is produced by Eddie Jenkins (with additional production by Everyone You Know) and is included in PG’s upcoming EP ‘M.O.T.H.’ (September 2019). See him next on November 16th @ O2 Academy, Oxford UK.

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