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PRETTY VICIOUS Shares First Single ‘Move’ Off Of Upcoming Debut Album (Early 2019).

The energetic PRETTY VICIOUS coms at us with their first single ‘Move’ from the upcoming album.

Their rise to where they are is a movie on it’s own. Almost immediately, they are picked by an A&R rep and are convinced of greater things. They are plucked from a small Welsh town and thrown into the ‘eat or be eaten’ land of the music industry. Their managers and handlers didn’t know how to take the band’s talents, resulting in disappointments and regrets.

But now 2018, the PRETTY VICIOUS are at their newest chapter, where the change in management was settled in and solidified label behind them – the band is ready to show their wares.

‘Move’ is what you call ‘Tremendous’. And the song is about energy – what it means to us individually and how it effects us the same. The rambunctiousness dabs into the world of classic punk, but stays well and true to some of the current rock trends, perfect for consumption.

And that’s excitement, for sure.

There is a lot to be thankful for, and one of the biggest is the band’s label BIG MACHINE RECORDS partnering with JOHN VARVATOS RECORDS (yes, that Varvatos) in the hopes of introducing the band to the world.

It’s a great, and better start for the band.

As you can see, we dig the PRETTY VICIOUS, and we hope that they will keep the ‘edge’ that we think they possess. With a dab of ‘pop’ to keep things accessible, they should be an act to follow for many seasons to come.

And live shows? Heck yea. That’s where they will ‘live’ and make their mark in this ‘eat or be eaten’ industry.

The PRETTY VICIOUS are Brad Griffiths, Elliot Jones, Jarvis Morgan and Tom McCarthy.

Congrats to the team, and full steam ahead!



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