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PRIG Shares Debut Title Track Single ‘Plants’ Off Of EP.

Debut song. Debut EP. Whoa. That’s what we’re talking about.

And when Prig speaks through their weird sensibilities, we listen. You listen, as we sling arms upon shoulders to glean upon the singalong rock goodness of ‘Plants’, we scratch each other’s heads, while the woozy swishing noise casts a bunch of flowery drizzle all around our particular and personal footprint.

Then we take our feet and bop.

Bop here.

Bop there.

Trudging to the slacker beats and guitar ravishing, we die. Dying of the notion that we were starving for such noise, for no reason.

Made up of Nethaniel Ratsaby (guitar/vox), Ambroise Prieur (synth/b. vox), and Gerald Pasqualin (drums/b. vox), they make you want to drop till you go to up the hill, until you slip and drop the pale of water.

It’s a weird and good time – at the same time, yo.

See them next @ Pergamon Club, Jerusalem on November 20th.



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