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primetime. Shares Single ‘our own.’ “Raucous insubordination.”

Luke Thomas

The letter ‘I’ doesn’t appear in the word ‘Team’. No politician’s word gymnastics live in this musical town. There’s only ‘ecstasy’ where they come from.

primetime. is a band that is made up of members from bands, Fan Girl, Sophisticated Dingo, Barcelos, King Cnut and the Waves, Porpoise Spit, and RAT!hammock. The members are Lewis Mattle (Vocals), Vincent McIntyre (Guitar), Liam Beven (Guitar), Tom Dowling (Bass), and Dominic Buckham (Drums). And when they hit the stage, there’s only hard grinding, straight talking, and resistance to the norm.

Off of their brand spanking new debut EP ‘crimetime.’ this hard driving single ‘our own’ crests like a tsunami, and delivers the clear-headed tune that we need in our lives.

The band is going to really hit big down-under in Australia.

We hope their message of good ol’ fashioned post-punk will continue to spread like the plague around the world.

See them for their EP launch party April 4th at The Old Bar in Melbourne



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