Prince Johnny ‘Fort Tryon’ (Music Video) : Dangle neatly around the tree of such imaginations.

Prince Johnny

PRINCE JOHNNY is Victor Kholod, and is the artist from impresses in a philosophy of ‘story first’. From word to word, his cinematically inclined suppositions, dangle neatly around the tree of such imaginations.

Said Prince: “If Lizzo’s music is a celebration of established self-love, ‘Fort Tryon’ captures the humiliation and violence of a self-hating person’s attempt at it. I wrote this song to memorialize the night I ran to the top of a hill in the middle of the night and begged me to love me. I want people to know that further down the line you could be cackling all the live-long day like Lizzo, but it’s okay if the beginning is desperate as mine was.”

Having raised nearly $1000 by creating a queer Sofar Sounds alternative, ‘The Troubadour Lounge’, Brooklyn’s anti-folk bard Prince Johnny offers his music video for ‘Fort Tryon’ that explores the desperation of attempting self-love.

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Last Troubadour I tried out makeup inspired by @amandapalmer & @brianviglione of the @dresdendolls. I'm fascinated by what a white painted face means when it comes to performance. Here's what Amanda had to say about it in her book, "The Art of Asking." "…I wanted them to feel invited to meet my gaze and share a moment. And I knew the game worked. I knew that, having invited them into my face like a host invites a guest into a kitchen, I would be equally invited to look back into theirs. Then we could see each other. And in that place lies the magic. I see you. BELIEVE ME. Ask any great actor: sometimes the mask is the tool that lets you get at the truth." Buy tickets for @thetroubadourlounge XIII 3/27 now Become a patron & make my day 🙂 [boys just wanna have fun] walk through the doors of the clinic like norm walking into cheers hi high-five the white coat for the hat trick I know exactly what I do that makes me hurt the most but that won’t stop me no, that won’t stop me smile wide for the shot wear the bandage like a badge oh, you know these boys just wanna have fun just wanna have fun just wanna have fun my body’s not my own so season it, treason it all used up never used enough now I’m finally having some fun so when’s it gonna start feeling good? boys just wanna have fun just wanna have fun just wanna have fun isn’t this what they died for? yeah, they would be so proud they’re watching us – normal hearts in their chests looking down or looking up – they’re looking down or looking up I just wanna walk in the sun I don’t wanna disappear into the sun 🎥@dhopediamond of @epiq_media

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