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Prince Johnny // Grand Alpaca // Delagoon // Niko Javan // MONTEATH

Prince Johnny – Mars & Nails

PRINCE JOHNNY is Victor Kholod, and is the artist from impresses in a philosophy of ‘story first’. From word to word, his cinematically inclined suppositions, dangle neatly around the tree of such imaginations. ‘Mars & Nails’ is described by Prince as: “Picture a bunch of grinning & mischievous demons dancing around a fire in the Black Forest of Germany holding amber orbs, one of which is filled with Joni’s Mitchell’s soul.” A kaleidoscope of colors flood your mind as you read that statement from Prince. And it resonates because it is surreal and brings forth a fragrance of ambiguity, that enhance while mysteriously envelopes. The vagrancy of intelligibility is just under the surface, and within the crying passions of Prince’s delightful nuance for fairy tales. Rooted in reality? Intermingling in sublimated existentialism? Who knows. But one thing we do know, is that Prince Johnny keeps open to interpretation, the variations of chaos, tucked and managed, until an answer can be summoned.

Grand Alpaca – Julia

Norwegian musician GRAND ALPACA likes to deal in surreal pragmatism. From love to life, and everything in between, the internal facets of a lonesome heart, or a decidedly unassuming come-of-age inspiration, the artist’s insightful and malleable lyrics handedly assist you in ‘understanding’. The beautiful contrasts of living, working, surviving, thriving – that’s where the hues bloom for GA. In ‘Julia’ – a beautifully calm and desolate song of desolate fulfillment, is “a song about how staying true to yourself can be the best and most hurtful thing to do at the same time.” The contrasts, sliding into potential courage of the heart, forging of that double edged sword for the betterment of it all. Never knowing completely of what the outcome will be. Never knowing what the degree of goodness or ‘badness’ will be. But we all move ahead, with deep convictions of the truth, and the past that, in your mind, will stay ‘in the past’. ‘Julia’ romanticizes a small part of life in a Grand Canyon-esque step for that something more. Without that, what else do we really have, right? Look for more from Grand Alpaca.

Delagoon – Gum

Oh, get the Punk-out! That’s what you feel when you listen to DELAGOON’s single ‘Gum’. ‘Had your fun?’ now that the world will crumble beneath your fee? With this single you can just keep on ‘having your fun’, with no guilt, no trepidation, no eyes gazing at you from afar in espionage-like forbiddance. Formed in 2016, the Stockholm based band keeps dream and punk, in a neatly jagged envelope, which is only welcome for the goodness in you. DELAGOON is that pandora’s box of the dark but effervescent, acknowledgement for celebration, no matter how small. Now a veteran of the Scandinavian music scene, the band keeps on rockin’ worlds, converging the differences of human existence, through danceable and irrefutable music that hits you raw. Their debut self-titled album is available now, and we may rejoice a little bit more, as hard riffs, power chords, razor lyrics, and paced delivery from the band, continues to make all of us smile. Get in. You’ll like.

Niko Javan – DIE!

NIKO JAVAN is more than just alt. The summation of many things, as as the Miami born musician/artist comes up with lacy synths and bass lines, inevitably, you become perplexed at the mix of genres that represent themselves in his songs. ‘DIE!’ is an anthem for anthems – an interminable bastion for critical extravagance, but tamed by breezes for hope and emotional prosperity. The short but succinct single that demonstrates both pop, and industrial-rock tendencies, communicates in simplicity while never letting go of your roller-coaster dreading heart. Niko makes sure he’s there for you.

MONTEATH – Scorpio

Refreshing, 80’s, and oh so very good, MONTEATH brings ‘Scorpio’ to the fore and you just can’t help but dance, even if you know you can’t dance. The pop-rock offering takes your will to keep on leaning on your negativities and puts a more positive light on things. You can fall in love while listening to this song. You can cook the best meal you’d ever made while listening to this song. You can proof the mathematical equation for motion while listening to this song. The point is that it is the quintessential ‘everyday’ song that lifts you up, even when you’re a bit down about you gaining back those several pounds. The song brings the effervescence of thorough delight that we all look for in a new single, and in ‘Scorpio’, it just delivers. MONTEATH is a 4 piece band based in Dubai, UAE and since 2016, the band has been pushing their musical attentions to groove and melody, in the hopes of accomplishing exactly what we’d describe here for ‘Scorpio’. Part rock, part pop, the significance of sensibilities shine through in the song, as the total entertainment residues never leave you side.


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