PRINS Shares ‘Notion’. “Absolute scintillation and ecstasy.”

‘Notion’ is the latest single from New Zealand based electro-pop singer/songwriter PRINS. And in her single, her vocals, shine as it shreds new daylight of pleasure with the absolute scintillation and ecstasy.

In the chorus, PRINS’ vocals hits a middle that drives off demons and ghosts of anyone’s past and future hauntings. Visceral and so clean, this dance inducing single, filled with funk and nu-disco elements, just shines.

Young and determined, as she’s stated, the pop artist is ready to roar with enviable attitude, aesthetics, and amplified songs that gets the boys (and girls) to the dance floor.

Her debut single was ‘Tell Me’, followed by ‘Oh Well’.

PRINS is Alannah Prins. She’s 24, and the hunger for her music to be known is legendary.

Let’s see her roll in 2019.



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