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Prinze George Shares ‘Airborne’. Raise Your Hands, Up To The Skies.

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Not a stranger to accolades from the likes of The Wild Honey Pie or from Hype Machine, the gang in Prinze George drapes you with delectable drizzles of synth pop goodness and vocal tickling in ‘Airborne’. Yes. It’s pop. But from where we stand, there’s something to grab a hold to in the production of this single.

Starts with the vocals, then culminates with the arrangement. Doesn’t cross the saccharine pop line, and stays satisfyingly within the ‘curious’ and ‘magnetic’.

The trio, consisting of Kenny Grimm (production/instrumental), Naomi Almquist (vocals) and Isabelle De Leon (drums), who are based in Brooklyn, continues the onslaught of dainty, but powerful selection of notes for us to listen and take home to the next lover’s kiss.

‘Airborne’ helps us become ‘urgent’. Seeing the depths of being ‘urgent’, and feeling like we’re losing our grip with the present – not fully taking advantage of what life has dealt us.

So, we run. Run up the hill. The hill that is our challenge, pushed by the urgency, set forth.

We sweat. We glean over. We see the world at our feet.

Raise your hands, up to the skies.



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