PRISMA ‘A Child’ : Wonderland of harmonies, a sea deep conversation of self.

PRISMA / Photo: Mette Genet

“We are traveling back to childhood memories and dreams, with our new song, “A Child”. We have tried to portray and recreate the energetic desire to pursue adventures and opportunities as a child. But we are also focusing on the vulnerability and safety-net we seek as children. One song showing two different sides of childhood,” said Frida.

The Copenhagen-based sibling duo Prisma, consisting of Frida and Sirid Møl Kristensen, started to write music in their childhood home. PRIMSMA the project was born.

Added Frida: “It has been a very intuitive process to create ‘A Child’. We’ve tried to revive our inner children, and introduce some childish energy and imagination to the song…We are discovering the childhood. It’s a period in life I often miss and long for. It was a very simple time, and I love that the imagination could take me to new places and universes.”

Wonderland of harmonies, a sea deep conversation of self: the wandering visions of the siblings, tackle with care and thoughtfulness, never forgetting where they’d been and always willing to smile for the new horizon.

Prisma is produced by Andreas Grønne (Faber & Manila), Birk Storm has co-produced and mixed (manager, co-writer and producer for Nicklas Sahl), and Brian Mørk Hansen has mastered the songs (Blaume Blume & Blå Nætter). Live the duo consists of Marco Ceglarek (drums), Martin Simonsen (keys) and August Kjær (bass).

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