Prismatics ‘Every Smiling Thing’ : Revelry and relaxation. Bleed into the realms of the most informative of sounds.


Missouri based band Prismatics is nostalgia in all of the right ways. The sounds melt into your skin, as the shimmering guitars work with the exulting vocals, to make something so very unique and emotively connective.

While recorded at each member’s living space during stay-at-home orders earlier this year, there’s a prescient anxiety to the songs on this January’s Endlessly, especially given songs like “Smiling” were written well before the pandemic entered our everyday thinking.

Brooke Austen said of the song: “I wanted to write a summer road trip song for those of us who have spent a lot of time living vicariously through others. When travel became impossible this year, a different perspective was born out of a real sense of physical, rather than purely emotional, isolation. Now, instead of being on the outside looking in, we are all on the inside looking out.”

New wave, dream pop, and post punk glances, bleed into the realms of the most informative of sounds.


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