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PRISTINE BABE Shares Debut Single ‘Moonlight’ (Audio & Visuals) Via Axis Mundi Records.

He twirled his pen in the tips of his fingers and he was bored. Or was he thinking about what he was going to do after school. The math lecture from the Ms. Timmons was always boring and the problems on the blackboard seemed so simple to him.

There’s Dina, who chomped on her bubblegum like the end of days. She was a drama class queen where she lead the club to the state acting competition for the last 2 years. She practiced her acting voice and her expression in front of her handheld mirror every minute, it seemed. She had some large eyes and she had a thing for practicing her eyebrows to go up and down too.

There’s Dan. Always sitting at the right corner, at the end of the class room. He wanted to stay as far as he could from the teacher. Why? He was a comic book junkie. Swear that he will own his own comic book store someday. But he’s not that good at math, so maybe the store will shut down in like a month.

Then there was Jessica. The cheerleader. My dream. She was a brunette with the most softest skin I could imagine. I’m not a jock or a nerd, but just a guy who hung out with everyone. But she preferred the athletes. I could just ignore my passions for Jessica, but she sits just a desk away from me and I swear her legs are so long and brilliant, I can’t resist thinking of her at class.

“Hey! You thinking about Jessica again?” my best friend Ronald said, ticking me on the shoulder.

“Heck no,” as I shriveled in embarrassment – again.

“That’s alright man, it’s senior year, and you have to work harder to get her attention man. Stop twirling your pen in class and ask her out!”

Ron was very assertive. We’d been best pals since grammar school. He’s always pushed me the way I sometimes was hesitant. He was a good friend for sure.

“Hey! Stop daydreaming!”

Bell rang for the next class. Jessica got up and walked out the classroom.

London based pop duo PRISTINE BABE’s debut single is and retro-80’s induced ‘Sixteen Candles’-esque music that sets those musical memory triggers for us. The song is right out of the high-school of long past (prior to the Internet) and sets the pace for John Cusak to emerge and teach all of us on how to be nerdy, awkward, but still at the end of the day, get-the-girl.

Oh, how sweet that could be =D

It’s a love story of dang Romeo & Juliet, and PRISTINE BABE can handle it with flare.

Penelope (1/2 of the band) says, “Moonlight is about being a girl, dealing with love, goodbyes and mood swings. Laughing and crying under the moonlight. Reality is entirely dictated by my dreams and fantasies, which keep me alive and bring colour to my world.”


If you’re in London, see them on September 6 @ The Waiting Room w/ Girl Crush.



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