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Project Fuck Society // BROOKS // DEATHLAB // Muenster // Scotty Chickens

Project Fuck Society – PFS

‘PFS’ is the intro to the project named PROJECT FUCK SOCIETY. An in that dark-rap word spit, you’re taken down to the attic of horrors, and you’re not surprised at the find. After all, you’re not as ‘normal’ as you think you are. We all have our ‘kinks’, and through the growl of PFS, we have an excuse to shout.

BROOKS – Kawaii

Skills is what BROOKS is all about. Blow you out of the water. With a smile and a twinkle in her eyes. And you’ll accept your fate, with enthusiasm. The rapper is entertainment off the beaten path, but underneath it all, brings devastating rapping heft and kicks your butt. You’re roadkill on the road to heaven. Let the Chicago based artist take you there.

DEATHLAB – Drip ft. Bass Santana

Can’t be undependable from relationships to career directions. Simple as that. And when she’s not there for you, or he’s not paying attention to you any longer, the signs are in bright neon on that wall of failure. It’s time to move on, no? The synchornicity of DEATHLAB’s ‘Drip’ is a line of ecstasy, in small amounts of word-pills. The excitement is contained, and disseminated to a level of dependability and reality.

Muenster – Message

The heaviest single from MUENSTER, he pushes the issues of ‘abuse of power against American citizens by its police force’, opioid abuse, and general crimes against humanity. The machine gun style of MUENSTER puts you at the edge of your seat as he delegates his use of words to put the record straight. Set in a dystopian background of dark notes and atmosphere, ‘Message’ adds its angst and anger into a comment on current state of affairs.

Scotty Chickens Feat. Young Hippie – The Sickness

Rap to hints of rock, ‘The Sickness’ just builds and builds its repertoire to a critical level ultimately settling in to a fab conclusion. The visuals for the single dictates what’s obvious, but the lyrics make it a single that keeps nuance heavy and relevant. Scotty Chickens and Young Hippie keeps it fabulous in this edition.


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