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PROMIS3 // Samie Bower // ANNNA // KQT // Jane’s Party

PROMIS3 – Losing Our Connection

PROMIS3 said: “The rose-tinted glasses fall to the ground and get trampled into pieces every time you have another argument. Not knowing how to deal with these emotions, you hit the pedal to the floor and drive as far away from your problems as possible. You don’t stop speeding and can barely see anything through your tears. The next sharp turn might be your last one.” The duo’s dynamic single ‘Losing Our Connection’ is a last call to salvaging the last dignity of a relationship. The grinding and mental breakdown is impact of the highest order, when all seems to be falling apart. A project of Andras Vleminckx aka LIMITS (Kat Deluna, Taio Cruz) and Brent Dielen, the light and airy vibes are counter acted, with deep and encouraging thoughts and subject of the times. Quite a contrast, don’t you think? See them next at TRAX in Roselare Belgium September 21st.

Samie Bower – Tell Me

Confusion. Lies. Innuendos. Guesses. Jumping to conclusions. All messes with your relationship. Your trust. Your confidence on the other. To a certain degree, if that initial thought happens, it is an effective beginning of the end. The corner has already turned, for the worse for the relationship. But we do mask the negative well and decide selfishly to forget the obvious red signs. Then we lie to ourselves. Then it festers. Gangrene. ‘Tell Me’ is the night before the last. It’s a last statement of revealing to yourself, of what was right in front of your eyes.

ANNNA – The One That Got Away

ANNNA exquisitely pronounces her notes through her thrusting vocals and dreamy visions. ‘The One That Got Away’ is of chances, opportunities, and suppositions that made it impossible to be clear. Hindsight makes it clear now, and it was the right decision. You’re certified. You’ve been justified. It’s the moment when your last remaining memories of that dying day, vanishes with no guilt or remorse.

KQT – 90210

Boston, MA based artist KQT brings a simple but emotionally salient, ‘90210’. And go figure. The zip code is of Beverly Hills, and just like the facade of the Hollywood linked township, KQT’s single drives directly into a realm of fantasy, desires, emotional turmoil, and acceptable emotional values. KQT understands, as his and all our faults, become one. ‘90210’ is a pop tune that is direct question of our current level of society.

Jane’s Party – Straight From the Heart ft. Skye Wallace

Toronto based pop-rock quartet Jane’s Party – comprised of Devon Richardson, Tom Ionescu, Jeff Giles, and Zach Sutton – makes music that is sultry, guilt ridden, and coming-of-age. In the tune of pop and rallying cries for the stars of life that existed, the quartet wants us to reach for that once again. Skye Wallace is featured on this recording, providing sublime vocals, as both a lead singer and in harmony with Jane’s Party. Love and everything in between, are bits to be examined and in memory – sustained. Well, at least that should be the plan for us all. This accessible organic pop is beautiful to view from either side of the aisle of genres. Pop or rock.


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