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Proper Einstein // Astralingua // Moving Panoramas // Slide Inside // Young Hunting

Proper Einstein – Good God

Tony Alexander Brown Jr. is PROPER EINSTEIN. And straight away he explained: “The reason why I strive to be a multi-genre ‘genius’, is so that I can reach all of the earth to let people know that it is okay to be yourself. It’s okay to be different. You don’t have to conform to fit in with society. Radio is teaching people that music has to sound a certain way to be considered good or acceptable.” Wow. An expansive dedication. And you can’t blame him for the reach, for we think that is exactly the way challenges can be solved. With ‘proper’ energy and dexterity, music like ‘Good God’ can help to alleviate the pressures of the media world, and help drive a new zeitgeist. Keep pushin’, Tony.

Astralingua – Space Blues

ASTRALINGUA consists of composer Joseph Andrew Thompson and vocalist Anne Thompson. And they want you to take a trip with them through the thicket of space, and daunting time. Off of the new upcoming release ‘Safe Passage’ (March 2019), the single ‘Space Blues’ displays delicious woodwinds, delicately intertwined under and over solitary streams of lyrical prose. The duo debuted in 2008 with the EP ‘Contact’, and has worked to compose then share, musical parable and synchronicity in fateful reassurances.

Moving Panoramas – ADD Heart

MOVING PANORAMAS is familiar to us by their single ‘Baby Blues’. Which we’d stated: “..powerful, emblematic, resounding..” The ‘fun-ness’ of ‘Baby Blues’ is only one dimension of being for the band. And with ‘ADD HEART’ they bring in the serious and more heart felt conversation in relationships, loved, lost. The questions they pose is quite dear: “What’s up with this thing we call love? Will it last?” Who knows. But from out of the depths of such complex equations, at least one thing good comes from it. Innocence and coming of age happens at moments notice, and ‘ADD Heart’ makes you remember. It is part of the upcoming new album ‘In Two’ out February 22nd.

Slide Inside – Vived the pain

With classic rock chord progressions setting the ‘wild-west’ setting, the single ‘Vivid The Pain’ is a rap/rock combination of assertion. SLIDE INSIDE is a duo act taking ‘chances’. The prog-rock vibe is all over this single, and with the 90’s alt-pop drive of the vocals, the band needs to be heard. Craig Shipman and Tucker Livermore takes their sense of relationships and the frailties of the obvious, into the realms of the uninitiated. We think, in a subconscious way, they reflect through their songs, in many more ways then they’d confess. But we can hear it, like the rainfalls outside that pane of window layers. Earthy and driving, they lyrics are the stars; Craig and Tucker, finalizes like bosses.

Young Hunting – Crimes

Drizzling and decadent, YOUNG HUNTING’s single ‘Crimes’ is a beautiful single. Off of the newest upcoming offering ‘True Believers’ (February 15), the primary songwriters of Hari Rex and Ilya Mxx, painstakingly divulges soft ballad-like gothic folk, into our ear drums. The succulent and refreshing deluge of care and utter unselfishness scripted into the single, makes you want to hold someone and just weep with joy. If you’d been in love or thought you were, you’re perfect for this newest single. We are what we humans are – a very needy and sometimes unforgiving species. Let’s hold hands and sulk a little. ‘Crimes’ is a silhouette of dreamy chords, dipped in life’s own tales.


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