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Proper Youth – Off My Mind

Said Proper Youth (Adam Barito): “I wrote this song trying to convince myself I hadn’t fallen hard for someone I met right before moving across the country. In the end I moved back across the country to be with her and now she’s a harmony/co-lead vocalist in our band. All in all, it was recorded over the course of 3 years in 3 different apartment bedrooms.” Alright. Noted. Love had a thing to do with this magical offering. Indeed. And in his project, Adam’s toil with sacrifice for what feels to be his destiny, makes the sense of his heart and soul. From the outside, it would look like something done by ‘off his rocker’. But to the inner heart and lover of love, seeking the love of one’s life, makes perfect sense. Life, eh? Seek out Proper Youth. They are Adam Barito, Bobb Barito, and Amy Nesky.

Chris Rovik (feat. Jonny G, Moah) – Dama

“This song is about a letter I received from my first love,” said Chris Rovik. “She sent it 6 years post breakup. During this time she was married and had a kid. The letter was about how she dreams of me and wakes to her husband laying next to her. About how she named her daughter after the name we came up with as kids. About how she wishes she could go back to the way things were. This song is about that person who got away, life has this way with things. We met at a summer camp.” Regrets are many strewn throughout our lives. Big and small, we cast those heavy stones, off into the Ocean of our hearts. ‘Dama’ isn’t about judging, but of the kind of thing that could have been – in hindsight. Tragedy in one sense of the life that is.

Feed The Biirds – So I Go

Feed The Biirds’ ‘So I Go’ is about a cat and mouse game between lovers whose exotic lifestyles keep them apart. It represents Feed The Biirds’ ethos of marrying vintage and modern: tapes and 808s. Singer/songwriter Camila Recchio and producer and multi-instrumentalist Kush Mody are behind the project, and with injections of cynicism and love, the contrasts of it all, comes to life in the words of this tasteful single. “Feed the Biirds is the result of two introverted artists helping each other come out of their shells, find their voices, and be, unapologetically..” The duo began this project as an experiment in 2018. The project keeps going and going, with momentum to spare. The beauty of the soulful vocals of Camila, resonate like the time when you come back home from that long overseas trip. Relaxation and appreciation, is the call of the day when these two throw us the song.

Lily Wire – Cigarette Ash (feat. Scott Foster Harris)

“The song was written with cooperation of Scott Foster Harris Known for his work in L.A Guns (Tracii Guns).. Inspired by hard rock,punk and blues genres… the sound of the song is to bring memories of good old sound with a modern outlook.” Josie Waters and Ashley Wire knows what rock is all about. And in this latest single they take you by the collar and throw you over the sides of the wincing reluctance, in which you called sanctuary. With Josie and Ashley, there’s no such safety. The ‘Queen Of Spades’ will slice and dice you with a one thousand cut of your emotional limitation. So, take their hand. Take their musical word. Rock on to the break of dawn, then rock on some more. The duo knows what’s up. Their journey has just begun. It’s about time. Let’s blow it up.

13//ali_fawn – Future Swim

Detroit-based producer and multi-instrumentalist 13//ali_fawn (Alister Fawnwoda) releases ‘Future Swim’. Born in The Motor City, Fawnwoda cultivated his musicianship through learning violin and piano from a young age. Honing his métier, he studied music, poetry and visual arts at The University of Miami and then the Tibetan Buddhist-founded Naropa University. “’Future Swim’ is about time-travel and death, and contemplates whether or not the two are intertwined as one thing,” noted Fawnwoda. “Lyrically, the song is about a man who stands at the edge of a sea cliff, and hears the ocean beckons him in. In his head he hears this as an invitation into a portal in which he can go to another time and place; specifically the past to prevent the death of his loved one.”


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