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Provincial Camps Shares ‘Temple in the Sky’. Let’s See Where This Leads Us.

Rainy, drizzly, pot marked with sadness and surreal happiness – the emo driven PROVINCIAL CAMPS hits the right notes in single ‘Temple In The Sky’. The surf n’ turf minded indie rock band does its own thing. And why not! Sam Roach is a young guy who has (we assume) big dreams in his music and his years as a pop song connoisseur.

“For our first album, I really wanted its sound to reflect the vibe of Saint John as much as possible… As a result, it had a very cold, harsh aesthetic that fit with the industrial structures and sort of run-down look.”

And ‘Temple In The Sky’ is in line with that sentiment from Roach.

Sad but true.

Happy but kinda go-lucky.

Content but non-committal.

Energized but misses the ex.

The sweet and the sour, mixes well in the output. And we think we should see where this will lead to.

PROVINCIAL CAMPS consists of: Sam Roach, Matt Weaver, Sheehan Flatt and Hunter Watt.



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