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Psetta // Lilleburn // speelburg // BENJII // Lucy Lu

Psetta – Deceived

The solo project of Los Angeles-based artist Sam Burnell, PSETTA brings out different colors in bed-room hype endeavors. No apologies for the oddity. No retractions in the uniqueness. The project is of decadent revivals in drizzling glitch and love-affairs in sound astronomy. The twinkling stars embark on a valiant journey in self righteous explorations, coming towards the end of self-realization and depravity. Love’s residuals made real.

Lilleburn – Hold On

Formed in 2018, LILLEBURN, is a Birmingham based indie-pop duo made up of Ross Tidmus and Tom James. “Hold On is a song in general about addiction. It is based around the time that me and my ex girlfriend got caught doing drugs by her mother, then our struggles to quit after this. This really inspired the track and you should be able to hear that in the motif of this track.” What a relief, eh? Internal demons strike again. Can’t wait for more from the dynamic duo.

speelburg – Oxy Cotton Candy

Speelburg is the project of Noah Sacré. The Belgian-American self describes his work as ‘pop music for important people’. Do we count as those important people? We assume so. For speelburg’s songs, including this delicious single ‘Oxy Cotton Candy’, is a thrust of pompous charm that just grows and grows on you like there’s no tomorrow. And when we say ‘pompous’ it is that sultry underpinning that comes to the surface from speelburg. Delightful arrangement and humor, upon humor, takes us on a fascinating and engorging look at things that are notable for our senses. We think it’s outlandish and so much fun. We hope you think so about speelburg, as well.

BENJII – BOA (Show Me You Love Me)

Vancouver Canada originating alt-pop artist BENJII keeps on clocking his patented EDM dipped pop songs. And every time we love it. From grand guitar riffs, deep bass, and a tactile knack for the hook, BENJII’s coolness just shines off like your future. We’d stated this in a prior single about BENJII: “BENJII delivers with beautiful freshness, all embodied contextually and with irreverent dignity. This is the kind of song you want in your life. If you can’t dance to this, you can’t be living. Benji Klassen is the man behind the project. There’s nothing like it, and then some.

Lucy Lu – Damascus (feat Nilüfer Yanya)

Luke Bower is LUCY LU. “I’ve grown from a scene of pretty fuckin’ exciting jazz – and I feel so lucky to have watched from the front row one of the most exciting scenes London has come out with,” Luke says, looking to the future. “The energy of that music lives within what I want to create.” From his 4 track EP ‘Vol. 2’, LUCY LU drops a gem with ‘Damascus’. The soulful groove from which ‘Damascus’ derives, it blooms into different beasts as it climbs to a new height of energy. The peaks are covered in horned elements, tinted shimmer, and luscious guitar licks. Running and running, decked out in the nines, LUCY LU’s charm in this single continues his aggressive drive to meet where love and music meet. ‘Damascus’ gets close and you should add it to your rotation.


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