Psuedo Desnudo ‘Deathstar’ : Charm is twisted, but with the tangy lemon desolation tat keeps you at your most loving.

Psuedo Desnudo

This is the first label release from Texas-based songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Alejandro Gomez-Leos.

It’s dark, and consuming in that 60’s tinged, resolute of story telling. And with it, it quests inside the palm of emotions, in contrast and lyrical summations.

It’s ride that you can, but won’t let go. The charm is twisted, but with the tangy lemon desolation tat keeps you at your most loving.

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“Spectre One compiles old and new tracks from Texas up-and-comer Psuedo Desnudo (Alejandro Gomez-Leos), lovingly mastered by Nesey Gallons of Elephant 6 fame. Imagined as a bargain-bin gem beamed in from a lost era, Gomez-Leos steers his hypnagogic musings into uncharted territories, replacing his former pop sheen with a punkier, sleazier sound to reflect the gloom and grit of modern living. The bubblegum is replaced with bite, morphing the pop framework into a soundtrack to a forgotten neo-noir that's equal parts sultry and satirical – picture a low-budget Body Heat directed by a particularly unhinged Paul Verhoeven. Through the haze and tape hiss, one thing remains clear: Psuedo Desnudo is more than mere smoke and mirrors. The dude knows how to write a tune. Spectre One buzzes with sophistication even when reflecting the sounds of the suburban underbelly and sewer tunnel psychedelia.” – @cudighirecords Remastered digital album and cassettes drop 7/24. See @cudighirecords bandcamp for more info. #texas #cassette #psychpop

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